Brinno DUO Smart Peephole DoorCam


The Brinno Duo comes with a camera enclosure, a 12mm peephole lens, a motion receiver, two lens barrels for different door thicknesses, a mounting flange and washer, a lens barrel tightening tool, four AA batteries, a knocker enclosure with a motion sensor, and an 8GB microSD card. The camera enclosure measures 6.2 by 3.4 by 1.3 inches (HWD) and contains a camera with a 90-degree field of view, a 2.7-inch color display, and an embedded motion sensor. It has an 802.11b/g Wi-Fi radio for connecting to your home’s wireless network and is powered by the four AA batteries.

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Brinno cares for your family. We designed a unique smart door cam that offers a high degree of safety, and makes it one of the most practical home security devices on the market.
Brinno DUO ensures you peace-of-mind with minimal effort by monitoring your front door for you and your loved ones.